People and Careers

Project Management

It’s no secret that the preparation to set up an event can be a strain on your time and budget. The sheer number of tradespeople and contractors you need to deal with in addition to all the patrons can be a headache. Then there’s storage, freight, installation and the list goes on. Well now there’s a better way. InstallEx provides a complete project management service that takes care of every aspect of the process from start to finish.

That means a streamlined, stress free process based on years of experience and know how, not to mention the highest standards of quality workmanship and customer service. So you can relax knowing your event requirements are in good hands.

Casual Staff powered by Sidekicker

Installex is excited to be partnering with Sidekicker, new booking platform, effectively managing bookings and administration of casual crews. As a result of this, Installex can now focus more on what it does best Providing an amazing customer experience and delivering more projects.

Custom Builders

From a 9m2 stand at the Home Show to a 800m2 stand at the Motor show, InstallEx has the expert team to get the stand built to your or your customers satisfaction. InstallEx has been developing its custom builder team for years and only the best of the best join the ranks of this team.

General & Skilled Hands

InstallEx has a huge employee base all around Australia ready to help you. InstallEx general and skilled hands are available to work with you or work independently to achieve just about anything you need done. From staff to unload boxes to fitting out an entire warehouse, InstallEx general and skilled hands are here to help.

Joinery Installers

Alway in demand, and in ever diminishing supply, our joinery installers are the best of the best. InstallEx has been steadily growing its joinery team wth expert joiners to deliver a high standard of work and a quality finish.

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